2014年,火星公主艾瑟依拉姆▪薇瑟▪ 艾莉欧斯亚公主踏上了前往地球的访问活动。她此行的目的是和地球进行和平谈判。此前,地球和火星已经断断续续交战了多年。

自从1972年,古文明遗产“超空间门”被发现后,地球移民雷列加利亚博士就开始了对火星的调查研究工作,于1985年在火星上成立薇瑟帝国。ALDNOAH是火星上超古代文明留下的能量源,只承认雷列加利亚博士家族为正统的继承人,拥有ALDNOAH的启动能力。 因为利益纷争,薇瑟帝国与地球之间冲突不断,战争频发。地球也因此将格斗技巧与铁甲骑兵兵器操纵纳入义务教育,大量战争孤儿接受了这样的教育。


In 2014, Martian Princess Ethiram Weiser Princess Alyosia embarked on a visit to Earth. The purpose of her trip is to negotiate peace with Earth. Earth and Mars have been at war on and off for years.

Since the discovery of the "Hyperspace Gate", an ancient civilization heritage, in 1972, Dr. Lelegalia, the earth immigrant, has started Investigation and research work on Mars, and the Weisser Empire was established on Mars in 1985. ALDNOAH is the energy source left by the super-ancient civilization on Mars. Only the family of Dr. Lelegalia is recognized as the orthodox heir, and has the activation ability of ALDNOAH. Due to conflicts of interests, the Weiser Empire and the Earth are constantly in conflict and wars occur frequently. Therefore, the earth has incorporated fighting skills and armored cavalry weapon manipulation into compulsory education, and a large number of war orphans have received such education.

On the earth, the double of Princess Mars was killed by the spies lurking here, and the orbital knights on the front line began to use this as an excuse. Under the pretext of invading the earth by taking the Yanglu city stationed in the orbit of the earth satellite, the war broke out again.